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Aries Are Full of Energy: An Overview

Aries are full of energy -- much like the spring season that they're born in. Ever the vibrant and an exciting person to be around, you won't find the Aries to be dull or boring. Aries can also be very intense and serious when a subject "speaks" to them. When they're drawn into a subject that catches their concentration, you are likely to be unable to pull them away until they have answered all their own questions. Their deep and analytical mind keeps themselves busy and preoccupied for hours. Once they are through with what caught their attention, they will welcome the opportunity to tell you all about it.

Here's what else you'll learn about an Aries here:

The Aries symbol

The Aries personality

The Aries glyph

Aries relationships (romantic or professional/business) with other astrological signs

Possible Aries shortcomings

The Aries Ram Symbol

The Aries symbol is the ram -- this is fitting for the Aries since the ram is powerful and will climb to the highest peaks to see what life has to offer. A ram rarely turns down a challenge -- similar to an Aries who has difficulty turning down challenges, as the desire to go forward and conquer is very strong.

The Aries Personality

The Aries personality is a very strong one. However, this same strength can also lead to inner self-esteem issues. The Aries strives so hard to succeed that any failure may project as much more than it really is. The Aries is complemented well by someone who can balance their self-esteem. This person can be a best friend, business or romantic partner.

The Aries Glyph: Mars

The glyph for Aries is Mars -- a circle with an arrow pointing up, showing the direction the Aries prefers to go. The enthusiasm is contagious from an Aries, and a non-Aries may find themselves getting caught up in the excitement and take on challenges that they wouldn't have otherwise.

Aries Enthusiasm and a Possible Downfall

No matter what relationship you are in, Aries, business or personal, you shine. You are the star. Your enthusiasm will take you as far as you want to go. Our biggest downfall may be that same enthusiasm when dealing with a quieter person. So, on that note and in closing -- be careful not to step on those who are not as outgoing as you are.
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09 Apr 2015
Copyright 2006 Sandra P. Martini

Have you ever walked into a networking event full of strangers and wished you could be anywhere else?

Traditional business building rules tell us that we need to network. Attending a charity breakfast where you give a 2-minute spiel on your business, community luncheon where you eat rubber chicken and another cocktail hour where you feel like youre on a speed date going from business owner to business owner with barely enough time to remember their names, much less make a great impression.

It doesnt have to be that way!

Years ago, while deeply involved in Corporate America (I still shudder when saying that phrase), I took the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator a personality assessment. My fears were confirmed: I am an introvert (actually, an ISTJ for those of you familiar with the Myers-Briggs). High level summary introverts are people who recharge their energy from within while extroverts get energy from people and other external sources. I am one of those people who draws energy and ideas from solitude and reaching within my own psyche.

Depending on the situation, everyone is both an introvert and an extrovert. Put me in a room with some of my friends and I take on the persona of a stand-up comedian. Put me in a large conference room where I know nobody and am not presenting and I become the silent wallflower.

Given the choice, I prefer to be with a few close friends rather than at a large party where I know no one. While Ive been told Im an excellent public speaker (birth by fire in the corporate world does wonders), it takes a lot of energy for me to get in the zone and I have learned to do this by being well-prepared on the topic and discussing things Im passionate about.

The following marketing techniques are some that I have used successfully and are designed to work for the introverted among us.

1. Participate in online forums and discussion groups.

Its easy to be authentic and true to yourself while marketing your business by participating on online forums such as Yahoo Groups. You can spend as much or as little time getting to know the other small business owners, virtual assistants, etc. as you wish. There is no face to face, will they like me?, will they trust me? type of feeling. You can take your time in responding to those issues that interest you, rather than feel on the spot like you may at your average networking event.

I belong to several such groups and have met many wonderful people this way and have learned much from different business owners. Its a great way to pick the brains of people in the same situation as yourself.

2. Write articles.

Take advantage of your writing skills and write and submit articles online. One of my clients was doing some research for her business and told me shed seen one of my articles on The next day I received a notice from (a small business site) asking permission to use another of my articles. As a direct result of my writing articles, I now have an audience that I may have never otherwise reached. You never know what search engines just might pick up on your article, or how your information could be valuable to someone else.

3. Know your strengths.

Successful marketing requires that you know your strengths and your weaknesses. Take time to ask friends, family, and others what they feel are your greatest strengths and weaknesses. You might be surprised to discover that what you thought wasnt a talent is perceived as such by others. When you find yourself in an uncomfortable or nerve-wracking situation, focus on your strengths. You will be naturally more at ease when discussing something thats aligned with your passions and that you have learned is valuable to others.

4. Visualization.

Have you ever thought about something so much that when it actually happened it felt like dj vu? Visualization is a great tool that allows you to script out an event before it happens. Just think you can anticipate the challenges (for example, no one speaks to you when you arrive) and plan how to overcome them before they occur. Plan ahead for various situations and scenarios to avoid being caught off guard.

5. Stick to your values.

Its important not to try and change yourself in order to successfully market your business. You will be most effective when you allow the natural you to come through. For those of us who are introverts, that means establishing a marketing plan and environment that supports us as well as follows the path by which we mean to grow with.

Go get em!
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08 Apr 2015
Those who work in computer programming appear to have a certain set of traits that benefit them in their careers. When paired with the skills learned through higher education these traits can help programmers become successful. Computer programmers are able to complete a number of specific duties due to the traits they carry that are beneficial to this type of work. Computer programmers are very detailed thinkers and are able to excel in their positions due to the various traits and skills they possess.

Professionals with ISTJ (Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging) personality types have natural skills that are beneficial to this line of work, according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicators (MBTI) assessment personality test. They are focused, observant, and good communicators which are all traits that are beneficial to computer programming. Careers in computer programming require individuals that are interested in and capable of working alone and in teams as well as in structured and orderly environments. Professionals in this field can find work in various businesses such as:

*Internet Marketing Companies

*Computer Consultant Businesses

They may also find employment in the:

*Engineering Industry

*Manufacturing Industry

Computer programmers are able to enjoy working on a variety of projects due to the traits and skills they possess. Professionals in this line of work have been found to value tradition and are very family oriented. Computer programming is considered a good career field for those who are observant and practical, and enjoy working long hard hours. As a part of computer education, computer programming is a great field for those who like to solve problems and create new things. Those who have the right personality and wish to enter a career in computer programming can do so by completing research and learning about the training requirements.

The traits that are common in computer programmers and the skills and knowledge that are obtained through higher education can be beneficial to pursuing a successful career. Other common traits can include high intelligence, confidence, dependability, and detail oriented. Skills for employment as a programmer can be obtained by completing online courses in computer networks, database design, computer program writing, and web design and multimedia. All of the personality traits and skills that are obtained through accredited training can help to make a computer programmer that is beneficial to a variety of businesses and corporations.

Those with ISTJ personalities are beneficial to this line of work because they are dependable, detail oriented, and able to complete a number of tasks at once. Multiple opportunities exist for those that have the traits to pursue successful careers in computer programming. Accredited online computer programming schools allow students to pursue an education from the comfort of home. Training possibilities will vary by school or college but will allow students to choose the career, level of training, and specific area of study that will help them match their skills and traits for an exciting career. By receiving a higher education, those with the right personality traits are able to enter into successful positions.

DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERIC OUTLINE and may or may not depict precise methods, courses and/or focuses related to ANY ONE specific school(s) that may or may not be advertised on our site.

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By: Renata McGee

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Renata McGee is a staff writer for Locate Online Computer Programming Schools as well as many other Accredited Online Schools at, your Partners in Education and Tuition Assistance Programs.
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08 Apr 2015
Self made billionaires come from all walks of life. Some become billionaires very young, others late in life. Some are highly educated, others are dropouts from the formal education system. But there are five essential personality traits that they all have in abundance.

Personality Trait Number One is Courage

Self made billionaires have the courage to dream big. You don't become a billionaire by aiming for a new car or house or a 10% increase in your salary. You become a billionaire by aiming to be the best and biggest in the world at what you do. You have the courage to set huge goals in order to get huge results.

Self made billionaires also have the courage to be very different from those around them. They are so different from other people that they are often ridiculed as being weird. They have the courage to not let this bother them. They have the courage to follow their own dreams even if the whole world thinks they are crazy.

Self made billionaires have the courage to throw themselves fully into what they are doing. They don't mind risking failure. They are not people who are looking for balance, they specialize in one thing and they aim to totally dominate in this area.

Personality Trait Number Two is Obsession

Self made billionaires become totally obsessed by achieving their goals. They become totally obsessed by learning everything they need to know. They become totally obsessed by doing everything they need to do.

These are not people who are playing around with the possibility of success these are people who are so obsessed by what they are doing that they don't even notice that there are other things happening in the world around them.

Personality Trait Number Three is Self Discipline

All self made billionaires have tremendous self discipline. They have the discipline to do the things they need to do no matter what work load is required. They have the discipline to make whatever sacrifices they need to make no matter what the cost. They have the discipline to find a way to achieve their goals no matter what obstacles are put in their path.

Self made billionaires are like great athletes who have the self discipline to not only push through the pain barrier but to increase the pace just when they feel like giving up. They don't allow pain, problems, obstacles, the opinions of others, failure, rejection or any other pressure to push them off their chosen path. They have the self discipline to keep moving forward no matter what.

Personality Trait Number Four is Great Time Management

All self made billionaires have magnificent time management. They get up early, typically around 5am. They choose to do the most important tasks and ignore distractions. When they are working they are fully focused so that they get a full hour's results from mbti online each hour of their time.

Self made billionaires are long term planners and think in terms of ten year goals, twenty year goals and even longer time frames. Yet on the day to day basis they plan their time in minutes aiming to get the maximum possible returns for each minute they spend.

Personality Trait Number Five is Resilience

This last of the five key traits of self made billionaires puts them poles apart from the average person. Most people give up far too soon but the self made billionaires never give up no matter how well or how badly things are going for them.

Because they have such huge goals and throw themselves 100% into those goals if they experience failure it is often failure on a grand scale but they have the resilience to bounce back from that failure and get back on the path to achievement.

Self made billionaires don't revise or down grade their goals just because they experience failure, setbacks, criticisms, obstacle, sacrifice or any other difficulty. They have the resilience to stick to their goals and break through any difficulty and ultimately succeed,

Self made billionaires don't make excuses they take action. They don't blame others or their circumstances they take 100% responsibility for their outcome. They have the resilience to weather any storm and this resilience is the glue that holds the other four traits together and keeps them moving onward and upward.

How do you score on the five personality traits of billionaires?

You may not want to be a billionaire. You may not want to be so extreme in your life but if you have the five traits of the billionaire in reasonable measure then you can succeed at a level far greater than the average person without needing to be the total fanatic required to make billions.

It is an interesting exercise to assess yourself on each of the five traits as a means of predicting your own level of future success in life and, if necessary, giving yourself a tune up in the areas that you are lacking.

By: James Delrojo

Article Directory:

Learn how to get rich in just 5 minutes a day with James Delrojo's "The Busy Person's Guide to Riches". Go to
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08 Apr 2015
In order to pursue a career in massage therapy, there are certain traits that one must have. Massage therapists have been found to have similar traits that are beneficial in the workforce. Alternative healing professionals in this field can provide their clients with a therapy that will help relieve pain and stress as well as help with a variety of other ailments. Personality traits that can help prospective massage therapists succeed include empathy, communication, physical stamina, and positive energy.

To succeed as a massage therapist there are certain personality and physical traits that can be helpful. Accredited schools and colleges can train those with the right traits for a professional career providing an alternative healing therapy. Therapists will need to be mentally and physically fit as well as have the desire to provide others with the chance to receive a non invasive treatment for their ailments. Some of the traits that have been found to be common in massage therapists are:


*Systemizing Skills

*Physical Stamina

*Good Hygiene


Those with genuine empathy, good hygiene, good communication skills, and physical stamina make good therapists due to their ability to establish a comfortable and personable atmosphere with their clients, while providing the treatment that will help them heal.

By possessing certain personality traits such as being a caring person who likes to help others, prospective therapists can pursue a career in massage therapy, and other alternative healing fields. Being a good listener, friendly, outgoing, and able to share an intimate space in a professional matter, are some of the characteristics that massage therapists must have. Those who are interested can obtain the training that is also necessary in combination with the required traits for entrance into this career field. Career training is available at the certificate or associate degree level and will take six months to two years to complete.

Massage therapists must be able to stand for long periods of time and possess the career traits that are necessary to enter employment. Career traits can myers briggs profiles be obtained by receiving an accredited education from a school or college that offers massage therapy training. By studying in different modalities, physiology, meditation, technique and psychology courses, students will be able to gain the career traits they need to pursue employment in the field. Training for a professional career will allow those who have the desire to be able to work as massage therapists in spas, clinics, salons, cruise ships, hospitals, and other facilities.

Those who possess or wish to obtain the career and personality traits that are found in massage therapists can pursue the career of a lifetime by ensuring that they receive proper training by enrolling in an accredited massage therapy training program. Prospective therapists can obtain a quality higher education by ensuring that the program they choose to complete is accredited by an agency like the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA).

DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERIC OUTLINE and may or may not depict precise methods, courses and/or focuses related to ANY ONE specific school(s) that may or may not be advertised on our site.

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By: Renata McGee

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Renata McGee is a staff writer for Locate the Best Massage Therapy Schools as well as many other Schools and Colleges at, your Partners in Education and Tuition Assistance Programs.
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07 Apr 2015

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